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The Association LGBTI United, Association LEBITRAQ and Association DIVERSYTET appeal to the political parties and the candidates for mayors and councilors in the upcoming local elections, to refrain from using hate speech and encouraging impatience in the election camapign towards the LGBT+ and towards all other marginalized communities for gaining political points. We remind them that thousands of LGBT+ people, their parents, friends and supporters are also part of the electorate. We expect all of them to present inclusive ideas, solutions and projects that will benefit all citizens regardless of their personal characteristics, instead of using nationalist, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic or homophobic rhetoric. We also expect them not only to respect the privacy and dignity of their constituents, but also in the process of creating their policy to take into account the problems and challenges in accessing human rights and access to goods and services faced by citizens, especially those who belong to the vulnerable categories of citizens, as well as to provide a safe and enabling environment for diversity in all its forms. Last but not least, we point out the need to respect and consistently implement the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, applicable to all individuals and legal entities, and we hope that the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, in accordance with its legal competencies, will respond in a timely and appropriate manner to any discrimination in public discourse, especially in the pre-election period, but also in the future.