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Dear LGBT + fellow citizens, dear parents, friends and supporters,

We would like to inform you that since the beginning of the health crisis with COVID-19 in our country a large number of citizens including LGBT+ people have unexpectedly found themselves in a difficult and hopeless situation.  Some of them have lost their jobs, some have run out of basic food income, some are at risk of losing their homes and some have become victims of violence and discrimination.


Aware of the situation in which our LGBT+ fellow citizens found themselves, at the beginning of the state of emergency we provided food packages that were initially funded by us LGBT United Tetovo.  But as more and more requests for help came to us every day and we wanted to respond to all of them, we also asked for support of our friends abroad, LGBT+ people, who responded to our call for help and met us to provide food which was delivered in all cities in the country, but we also received help from supporters or allies of the LGBT + community.


To this day, May 21, 2020, we have distributed over 300 food packages, 300 reusable protective masks, 300 non-reusable protective masks, we have financially helped 7 LGBT+ people to cover their current expenses, we helped 3 LGBTl+ people to pay their rent due to their inability to return to their homes and we helped over 20 LGBT+ people to get the medicine they needed.


It would not be possible to do all this without your trust and support. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude on my behalf, on behalf of the Association LGBT United Tetovo, on behalf of the LGBT+ people you helped during these difficult times to feel safe and supported!


We thank all of you who took part in our action to help the socially disadvantaged LGBT+ citizens. Your helping hand allowed us to visit four cities a day and travel 350 kilometers when needed to show LGBT+ people that they are not alone.


This global crisis has shown us that there are many humane people and that in such moments of uncertainty and need for help for the most vulnerable categories of citizens, humanity conquers hate, good rises above evil and differences become invisible in the spirit of universal humanity.


 Sincerely yours,

 Bekim Asani

 President of LGBT United Tetovo