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Homosexuality, probably is  the biggest stigma, and also could be said to be the biggest enigma in general because  there are still no clear and specific facts why it occurs exactly and what are the specific reasons for it.


Despite great advances in medicine and science in the world, however, no one has yet been able to prove specifically whether homosexuality has any hormone-related points or any other type of imbalance in the body because as humanity has evolved that is how appeared  many other factors for the emergence of homosexuality such as psychological, social, hereditary, etc.


However, it should also be mentioned here that homosexuality is not a deviation, and that it has existed since the beginning of humanity, because its occurrence has been supported by facts and evidence since ancient times, and the first evidence of the existence of homosexuality dates back to ancient Egypt. 2400 BC thus making it clear that it is a perfectly normal and natural thing that occurred with the rise of the fauna because homosexuality is not only characteristic of humans but homosexuality It is inclined more than 1,500 animal species.


In addition, here are some lesse known scientific and historical facts about homosexuality:




  1. Scientists estimate that approximately 5% of the total human population worldwide has a homosexual orientation.
  2. Historians note that in some cultures, homosexual behavior was not viewed as effeminate but as evidence of a man’s masculinity. Examples include the Celtic and Greek cultures.
  3. There is some evidence that increased levels of steroids in the womb increases the chances that a girl will be a lesbian.
  4. Homosexuality has been recorded in China since ancient times and has often been referred to as “the cut sleeve” and “pleasures of the bitten peach.”
  5. Same-sex marriage is legal in Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, and Argentina. In Mexico, same-sex marriage is legal but performed only in Mexico City.
  6. Gilbert Baker, also known as the “Gay Betsy Ross,” designed the rainbow flag, or Pride Flag, in San Francisco in 1978. The flag is the most prominent symbol of lesbian and gay pride. The colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet represent sexuality, life, healing, the Sun, nature, art, harmony, and the spirit, respectively.
  7. In 1930, Hollywood studios enacted the Motion Picture Production Code, prohibiting all references to homosexuality or “sexual perversion” in the movies. It was strengthened in 1934 under pressure from the Catholic-led Legion for Decency. It remained in effect until the 1960s.
  8. The first U.S. lesbian magazine was titled Vice Versa and was written by the pseudonymous Lisa Ben (an anagram for “lesbian”)
  9. In 1952, the Unites States Congress enacted a law banning lesbians and gay foreigners from entering the country. The law was on the books until it was repealed in 1990
  10. The Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop was founded in 1967 in New York City and was the first gay bookstore in the world.
  11. In 1982, the Gay Related Immune Disorder (GRID) was renamed Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
  12. The ancient Greeks did not have terms that indicated a dichotomy between “heterosexual” and “homosexual.” Instead, the distinction in ancient Greek sexual relations was who would take a passive or active role. The most common form of same-sex love was between an older male, the erastes, who acted as a mentor, lover, and model for a younger boy, the eromenos. It was believed that sperm was the source of knowledge and that its issue would pass wisdom from the erastes to the eromenos
  13. The word “lesbian” is derived from the Greek island Lesbos, home of Greek poetess Sappho. Her poetry proclaimed her love for girls and praised the beauty of women.
  14. Some scholars have proposed that the first homosexual couple to be mentioned in history is the ancient Egyptian servants Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum who lived around 2400 B.C.
  15. Тhe entire species of the dwarf chimpanzee is bisexual. Lions have also exhibited homosexual behavior. Homosexual behavior has been observed in 1,500 animal species and is most widespread among animals with a complex herd life
  16. While lesbian refers only to female homosexuality, the term “gay” can refer to all members of the LGBTQ community. Some argue that the term “homosexual” should be avoided because the word refers only to sexual behavior rather than complex human romantic feelings.
  17. In 2005, Swedish researchers found that when straight men smelled a female urine compound, their hypothalamus lit up in brain images. In gay men, it did not. Instead, homosexual men’s hypothalamus lit up when they smelled the male-sweat compound, which was the same way straight women responded
  18. For most of the twentieth century, many researchers associated homosexuality with upbringing. Freud, for example, postulated that overprotective mothers and distant fathers contributed to male homosexuality
  19. The planet Mercury is a symbol used by the transgendered community. The sign for Mercury is a crescent shape and a cross, which represents the male and female principles in harmony in an individual. Additionally, the god Mercury fathered Hermaphroditus, who had both male and female sex organs.
  20. Judaism, Christianity and Islam do not codemn homosexuality. In the three Books, God condemns about the homosexual practice but not homosexuality itself.


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