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Leo Varadkar came out shortly before the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage

Leo Varadkar could become Ireland’s first gay Taoiseach, or Prime Minister.
Polls show the Minister for Social Protection is a frontrunner in the polls in the current leadership race.
When asked who they would like to see as the next leader of the Fine Gael party, 35% of respondents said they would prefer Varadkar to lead the country.
His opponent Simon Coveney has 23% of the people’s vote.
Varadkar and Coveney will meet current Taoiseach Enda Kenny today for the first time since both lawmakers commented on his leadership, reports RTE.
It is thought Kenny will resign on his return from Washington DC where he will present Donald Trump with the traditional St Patrick’s Day bowl of shamrock.
In January 2015, Varadkar came out before the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage.
‘I want to be an equal citizen in my own country,’ he said on RTE radio.

Taken from www.gaystarnews.com