Who we are

LGBT United Tetovo is a non-governmental, non-profitable and multiethnic organization that incorporates members from different ethnical, religious, social and educational background.

The aim of LGBT United Tetovo is to promote respect for the fundamental human rights of LGBT population, or i.e. provision of equal access to healthcare and other vital social and legal services, ensuring equality and involvement of LGBT population in all spheres of life by creating a supportive climate and tolerant environment that embraces freedoms and diversity.


Strengthening the LGBT community
Implementation and full enjoyment of the human rights for LGBT people and fight against the discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation and gender identity
Raising the awareness about the rights of LGBT people as human rights
Advocacy and lobbying for LGBT people
Improvement of the sexual health by prevention on HIV/ AIDS and other STD among the LGBT population


Our mission is to protect, advocate and promote human rights of the LGBT population , by providing equal access to health, social and legal services and inclusion to all processes in society and in environment where equality, freedom, ethics, integrity and diversity are nurtured.


LGBT United Tetovo is an independent and non-profitable organization of LGBT people , families, friends and supporters who actively contribute towards the full inclusion of the LGBT people in society.


We value freedom as the main purpose for the ideas and actions of every person. We envision the society as a group of free individuals, equal and responsible having their dignity and rights. We see the freedom as the ultimate aspiration for all.

We firmly believe that diversity is a positive factor essential for the environment in which we operate. We appreciate the contribution of every individual, regardless of race, gender, social origin, nationality, religion, ethnicity, education, and sexual orientation and gender identity.

We are open and transparent in our actions and policies. We build on the benefit of being collaborative and transparent organization, while trying to communicate responsibly with all stakeholders.

We see our role as a leader and inspirational mission in bringing equality for all, especially for LGBT individuals. Our membership and leadership are valued and respected.

We are trusted choice of LGBT people and trusted partner and advisor in public support, promote and protect their rights. We cultivate a climate of tolerance, integrity, commitment and professionalism.

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