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Yesterday, today, tomorrow – Youth feminism

Time was passing in short intervals. As I was walking that day, in the morning. Do you know where i was walking to? I was walking towards the future, the crevice of RM through baroque C even though I could have stayed in antique-modernism G where i come from. I was walking towards the path of the future trying to let go of the past where it is buried. And so I kept on walking. Step by step, by step, by step i keep on walking. I am walking even now. Actually I am walking backwards to see how much time I have walked to get here. This is not the first time i walk. There have been several attempts. I am not alone. Many follow me as i follow them. I see here even the ones that walked before me so that to enable me to walk as freely as I am today. Sometimes they travelled by train and sometimes on a donkey’s back, sometimes by foot, but my walk today seems like stepping at the same spot over and over again. As i know people have even run when not given means of transportation. Why you say? So that you, her, they can have what we have today. They have not given us all freedoms, instead giving to us our next tasks. I am tired of walking.

You know what? Today we are enabled to travel by all means of ‘real’ transportation which is imaginary. We are forced to think that everyone should go through a road of bushes and thorns to get to a goal. We are taught to only see the road ahead, and when there is only a straight road ahead we gasp: ‘fate, this is how it was supposed to be’…

Today I have walked so much. Yet I am here and here again. I have seen people sitting and enjoying themselves along the way. Seeing them it’s easy to think, let them take their time, they might be tired, their journey is over anyhow. But it’s not. There will always be steps necessary to be taken to get to destinations where me, her they would need ourselves to get to. Get up! And walk! Run! There are so many more things to be done. Hurry up even! Walk with your legs as the means of transportation you have lead you nowhere. Turn your head right and left, to the back and then finally to the front again. Yes! Do look ahead in front of yourself. Is this you see what people before you have fought for? Is this where and how you should be today? Ask yourself. Yes, do ask yourself that.

Thus i have not remained in the antique-modernism G and started walking. I will come visit you next year again, hoping to catch up to you as I walk. I will keep on walking. I will even speed up my pace

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