Bekim Asani, president of the association “LGBT United Tetovo” is the winner of the Franco-German human rights award. The ceremony for this award took place on 13th of December 2017, at the French residence in Skopje.

The award was handed over by the ambassadors of France and Germany, Mr. Christian Timonier and Mr. Thomas Gerberih, and by the Prime Minister of Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Zaev.
French Ambassador Mr. Timonier noted the fact that Asani is distinguished for his activity in the fight against discrimination.
He has been working on the protection of the most discriminated groups since 2001. His continuous fight is on honoring and recognizing the rights of homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender persons in Macedonia. Being an active supporter and the one who brings people together, he is the voice and the face of people who are discriminated against due to their diversity,” said French ambassador, Mr. Timonier in the award ceremony.

He showed special honor to Asani’s mother, who was, also, present in the ceremony supporting her son, for her courage and power. In the meanwhile, French ambassador thanked Prime Minister Zaev, for being the first political figure to show support on fundamental rights, including LGBT rights.

Prime Minister, Mr. Zaev said that his Government’s orientation is to support each and every citizen, protect and create conditions for the unreserved protection of their rights.
“Today the award goes to Bekim Asani, tomorrow will go to another human rights activist, to another human rights fighter. The name of the person is important as it is an example that motivates high values, such as the determination to respect human rights, but even more important is the awareness about the importance of this virtuous, conscientious and moral human characteristic which invites us all, us politicians, carriers of public functions, civilian activists, people, to fight for the respect and protection of the human rights,” said Zaev.

German Ambassador Gerberih stressed out that the Human Rights Award in 2017, is being given for the second time to the human rights fighters from all over the world, who in their countries have been outstandingly committed to the human rights and the rule of law. The medal awarded to Bekim Asani was crafted by the artist Ana Martin Nap and represents the symbol of strong commitment for protection of human rights.

Bekim Asani, in his short speech, being grateful for the prize awarded, noted that it is not important who we are and how we are, whom we love and who loves us. “We all deserve to be honored, because human rights are universal,” said Asani.

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