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This gay man is a favorite to become Ireland’s next Prime Minister

Leo Varadkar came out shortly before the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage Leo Varadkar could become Ireland’s first gay Taoiseach, or Prime Minister. Polls show the Minister for Social Protection is a frontrunner in the polls in the current leadership race. When asked who they would like to see as

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The top 10 places in Europe for LGBT workers have been revealed

The top 10 places in Europe for LGBT workers have been revealedNorway has been named the top European country to work in for LGBT workers. New research from Expert Market looked into anti-discriminatory legislation, employment law and tolerance levels in 43 countries, comparing it with unemployment and salary data. Finland,

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Teenager sentenced to four months behind bars for being trans

A teenager is currently behind bars for the ‘crime’ of being trans. The 19-year-old woman has been sentenced to four months in prison on the grounds of “harm to good morals”. According to her lawyer, Mounir Baatour, she was arrested in November of last year while celebrating at a Halloween

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Modern Moms And Fights Against Outdated Stereotypes

Modern Moms And Fights Against Outdated Stereotypes Celia Sanchez snaps photos of moms that don’t fit the ‘typical mom’ mold and it’s beautiful When Celia Sanchez became a mom 11 years ago she got the message loud and clear: you don’t fit the mom mold. You’re different. “When I would

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Më datë 10.08.2016, në portalin shqiptarë Gazeta Minerva është publikuar shkrimi me titull “Homoseksual – Pederastët e sotëm”, i shkruar nga ana e profesorit të shkollës së mesme profesionale komunale “Mosha Pijade” në Tetovë, Sulejman Mehazi. Në tekstin e nënshkruar nga autori Sulejman Mehazi, ndërmjet të tjerash, thuhet: “… jemi

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Yesterday, today, tomorrow – Youth feminism

Time was passing in short intervals. As I was walking that day, in the morning. Do you know where i was walking to? I was walking towards the future, the crevice of RM through baroque C even though I could have stayed in antique-modernism G where i come from. I

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Human Rights for all

Human Rights for All All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Universal Declaration of Human Rights The International Day of Human Rights is marked every year on December 10, the day when in 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the General

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Соопштение за медиуми – 23ти ноември 2016

Почитувани претставнички и претставници на албанските политички партии во Македонија, Почитувани кандидатки и кандидати за пратеници од редовите на албанските политички партии во Македонија, Вчера за време на дебатната емисија на Телeвизија 21 едно од прашањата упатено до кандидатите за пратеници беше поврзано со маргинализираните заедници во кои и отворено

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Извештај за напредок од Европската Комисија: (ЛГБТИ) предрасудите и стереотипите се присутни во оштеството, медиумите и на интернет

На 9.11.2016 е објавен Годишниот извештај за напредокот на Република Македонија во европските интеграциски процеси, подготвен од Европската комисија (ЕК).Во делот за „Човекови права и малцинства“ во Извештајот, се забележува: Кога се во прашање лезбејките, геј, бисексуалците, трансродовите и интерсекс луѓе (ЛГБТИ), предрасудите и стереотипите се присутни во оштеството, медиумите

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